Why are Jordans shoes so popular?

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First of all, Jordan's most influential basketball player, many of his fans will first pay for air jordan shoes. Air Jordan shoes also inherited the characteristics of Jordan, a perfect combination of athletes and basketball skills.

It is said that everyone in the NBA team wore with converse canvas shoes before in 1985, Nike produced Air Jordan 1 in 1985. At that time, the bold color matching was banned by the NBA's order and issued a fine for prohibiting wearing. Nike was smart and paid a fine for Jordan, and Air Jordan 1 shoes wore by Jordan, so air jordan 1 shoes became more and more popular!

There will come out a pair air Jordan genuine sneaker every year. From now on, the air jordan brand was established 30 years, and air jordan shoes have also continued to the 30th generation of sneakers. Every year, air jordan brand uses Nike’s most cutting-edge sneaker technology to create the best sneakers in the world for players. 

But why are basketball shoes so hot? The hot shoe has been re-enacted until now (retro is the same as the reprint of a book), are popular that all celebrities have to wear it everyday? Do the hot shoes go to all kinds of air jordan in the social network? They are popular among men, women, and kids, especially there are air jordan baby sneakers, jordan GS shoes. OMG, including the hot air jordan grandma and grandpa shoes, also come out a black & secret shoes market you know what i mean, in fact, all this stems from the gradual evolution of sneaker culture into trend culture.

Not every pair of air jordan shoe is popular. Next, i will introduce a few pairs of favorite or essential air jordans of sneaker fans!

Jordan 1

Must get hot, this is the first work, in <>, Hanamichi Sakuragi loves it! So the black and red color aj1 is also called Hanamichi Sakuragi colorway.

Jordan 3

I don't know why it's hot, maybe because it looks good. But this shoe is the first use of "burst crack", you can find many air jordan shoes have the "burst crack" elements. This shoe is also air jordan's first use of window air cushion. As you know the "black cement" color design is the most popular--- we must say, all matched well.

Want to be the focal point on the court? Let's have a pair of air jordans. Want to be at the forefront of trends? Let's have a pair of Jordan shoes. Remember to choose the right style and color.You can check out more Jordan's color schemes on the replica sneakers website.

The sneaker culture is very rich. Michael Jordan is a great player. Air jordan is a classic brand. It is still necessary to understand the various things contained here, at least I think it is very interesting. So when people ask why you wear aj shoes, you say "personal sentiment".