About Onebyonemall

Onebyonemall Story

Onebyonemall sneakers factory was established in 1988.
In 1989, we introduced a number of profession sneakers production lines and process multiple international brand products, such as "Nike”” Adidas “ ect .From 1989 to 2009, our average annual production of sneakers exceeded 30 million pairs. 
During this period, we have accumulated a large number of shoe-making technology, and formed  the whole process from raw materials to finished products production  pecifications, And strive for perfection. 

Before 2017, Onebyonemall products have been sold worldwide,we have provided high quality products to the sellers who replica sneakers, and our strict production system has won the sellers highly positive comments and won high recognition from customers

Onebyonemall products
In 2018, we set up the onebyonemall.com repsneaker store and started the sneakerreps B2C business. We provide customers with three Version of products, they are Top Version, Better Version, Budget Version.
1. Top Version:Positioning high-end, determine the development of color matching based on the sales of classic models. The top version sneakers we sell are exactly the same as the genuine ones. Most of the materials used are the same as the original shoes, and a few of them are made of high-quality alternative materials. They even have the same packaging, shoelaces or accessories (if any).
2. Better Version:This is what we call 1:1 sneakers, of medium quality. Since it belongs to an earlier batch, changes and upgrades have been made. Their appearance looks the same as the genuine product. They differ from the top version in that they only use some of the same materials as the retail batch,Other parts of non-genuine raw materials are made of high-quality alternative materials.
3. Budget Version: Positioning mid-range. The color matching update speed is relatively fast, and more high-quality alternative materials are used, including leather, air cushion, sponge, insoles, etc. The appearance is the same as the genuine product.

Onebyonemall service
1. We provide free QC(quality control) Pictures service, any order will receive our QC pictures. If the QC pictures are not satisfactory, it can be replaced at any time before shipment. We will ship your shoes until you are satisfied.
2. We provide a 30-days return and exchange service. If you received the shoes with any quality problems, you can contact us and enjoy a friendly after-sales service.
3. We accept payment by credit card (we are one of the few stores that can accept credit card payments), Paypal, Alipay.

Modes of Payment
1. Credit Card: Support VISA and MasterCard(handling charge free)
2. Paypal:  Need to contact us to get a payment bill(Waiver of 5% handling charge).
3. Alipay: Need to contact us for a payment link (No fee).
4. WeChat Pay: Need to contact us for a payment link (No fee).

We will notify you by email after payment is completed.

Usually, we will use DHL or EMS for delivery (About 6-15 days). Another mode of transportation is ePacket (About 15-60 days).
Due to the impact of COVID-19, global flights are reduced and there may be delays.

I will make sure all shoes are delivered, otherwise, I will give a refund.
If you have any problems after purchasing, please contact us first. Any problem can be solved perfectly. Thank you!

Contact Us
E-mail: onebyonemalls@gmail.com
WhatsApp: +14843141760